About Us

Raw Strawberry is a shoe accessories brand from South Africa. We design, manufacture and sell shoe accessories. This exciting brand is the brainchild of the owner Nqobile Mpumlwana. She received her inspiration whilst on her many travels through Africa. Nqobile works alongside her brother Musa Mpumlwana who is the Creative Director.  

 We operate in South Africa and other African countries.


We offer a wide variety of shoe accessories:

- Shoe Clips

- Bridal Shoe Accessories

- Sneaker Shoe Accessories

- Heel Ribbons

- Undersoles

- Heel Chains

All our accessories are easily detachable and can be worn with multiple shoes to instantly glam up your look. Raw Strawberry shoe accessories can be worn up or down to match and compliment your evening wear, bridal wear, corporate wear or casual wear. 

Our mission is to solve the problem of women having to wear the same shoes in the same way. Why wear boring shoes when you can accessorize your pair? The best part is that our ladies wont have to break the bank buying multiple shoes. All you need is one pair of shoes and our accessories to instantly transform your shoes to match every look and occasion!