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navy chevron under soles

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Under Soles are special appliques for the soles of high heeled shoes. Designed to give your sole a fun new look in seconds, easily and quickly apply to the sole of your favorite heels and remain there until you want to change it up! 

Under Soles are very easy and fast to apply! Simply place the tag on a clean sole, press to define edges of your sole, trim off excess with a craft blade and voila! New soles!

Under Soles are removable, water/UV resistant, and can often be transferred to another pair of shoes. 

Under Soles will not ruin your soles

Under Soles do not apply to the underside of the shoe (you do not step on it).

Under Soles do not cover the heel portion of the shoe but there is usually enough leftover material to do so if you wish.

Shoe accessories only, shoes are not included